Planning for 2012: Think About Journeys As Well As Destinations.

We all need goals. They keep us pointed towards the future and things we want and need to do. You could even say that we are wired to have them and work towards them. But, we also have to realize that goals need to be replaced once they are reached. We further need to realize that many goals are not just destinations; they are also journeys that need to keep on going. There is an old saying that says “Success is a journey, not a destination.”  If your definition of success is a certain income, or a certain job or a title or the ability to have something or someone in your life, then what do you do when you have achieved it or that certain someone is in your life? One of the most familiar goal/journey situations is learning. Graduations mark an event. They are called commencements because they signal the beginning of something-continuous, lifelong learning not simply the end of going to school. So, look at your plan for 2012-how many of those goals involve on-going journeys and not just the objective itself? What will you be doing to keep on actively learning? Is your business involved in continuous improvement? There’s a great example of a journey that has multiple goals and milestones, but it never ends.  And finally, what tools -training, equipment and support and assistance do you and your people need to make those journeys successfully? Travel well and as that great old baseball player once said, “Don’t spend a lot of time looking back, somethin’ might be gaining on you.”