Planning For 2012: Set Goals And Track Yourself

Think back on all the times in your life when you achieved something important-important to you or to others, or both. For how many of those achievements had you set the goal to reach each of them? You will probably find that you had set specific goals in terms of amount, timing and/or another result. So make the following resolution for 2012 and see how you have done a year from now.

Set three goals each for your business and for you personally. Be as specific as you can. Analyze why you have set each one. Make sure that there is at least some resonance between the business goals and the personal goals to minimize the chance that you will be pulling against yourself. Figure out all the people and resources that you will need to meet the goals and get them on board with you. The people are critical because we all need people around us who can help us learn how to take advantage of and use the tools we do not know how to use.

Write down your goals and give copies to your advisors and people who will help you. And, build yourself a structure where you are regularly tracking your progress. Carry them with you. Post them on or near your desk. Encourage your employees and your family to do the same. Share success stories to keep people moving forward.