Planning For 2012: How Will You Motivate Your People To Excel So That The Company Suceeds?

The short answer to this questions is, you can’t. That is because you really cannot motivate others. What you can do is to create the conditions in which your people become self-motivated.

Job #1: have a clear vision for where the company is headed. Communicate it over and over until everyone understands the vision and buys in. This includes everyone knowing why your company does what it does- “The Why” as Simon Sinek calls it.

Job #2: Be certain that each employee is in the right job doing the right things (or, as Jim Collins said so well in his landmark book, Good to Great… “the right employees are in the right seats on the bus.”)

Job #3: Make sure all employees learn how what they do is related to the vision and goals of the company and how each job relates to all the others to create value for customers and revenue and profit for the company.

Job #4: Create an ongoing system in the company where good ideas for improving company products and services and internal processes can be raised, discussed and adopted. (How energized are you when someone asks you what you think and really wants to hear the answer?)

Job #6: Develop a performance-based compensation system, carefully measure the results and accountabilities upon which the compensation is based and report on them regularly.

Job #7: Implement the company-wide practice of catching people doing things right and acknowledge them as soon as they happen.

Job #8: Celebrate successes, even if they are small ones. The celebrations do not have to be big and expensive.  In fact here is a link to a list of small success celebrations developed by business owners.