Business Phrases to Keep In Mind, Part III

“ Hire slow, Fire fast.”

How many times have you stuck with an employee who was not making the grade far beyond the time when you should have done something about it? Doing nothing and hoping it will get better hardly ever works under any circumstances. But hoping that a non-performing employee will work out some day is wrong for a host of reasons. First, that employee is probably gumming up the works somehow: their work is wrong, it’s late, customers are angry. In addition their poor performance upsets good employees at best and at worst, brings them down. Companies are not democracies. But your people know who is pulling their weight and who isn’t. They are probably wondering why something isn’t being done. This is not to say that people whose performance slips off the rails after a personal issue should be kicked to the curb immediately. But, if you believe in building an organization with the right people in the right jobs doing the right things and you have someone who does not fit, don’t you have to find them a job where they do fit or help them become a success elsewhere? And shouldn’t you do it sooner rather than later?

Letting someone go is no fun but neither is letting the problem drag on. So, as difficult as it is when you are down a critical employee, hire slow. Find the right person with the right values and attitudes and fit them in to where they will succeed on their strengths. Identify the non-performers and give them a chance if they are the right person for the job. If they are not, don’t wait. They are probably miserable and moving them on could be a good thing for them, too.