Pearls of Wisdom on Leadership

This week has brought almost a perfect storm of information about leadership. The information in this blog has been gleaned from panelists at a May 11, 2010 SmartCEO Magazine Matrix Luncheon in downtown Baltimore and a video shared by the founder of Inner Circle International. Here are some pearls of wisdom about leadership gathered from these sources:

From Billy Ripken, Executive VP of Ripken Baseball and 12-year major league baseball veteran (and brother of a pretty famous player named Cal);The Ripken Way: Keep it simple, Build the Team, Explain the Why, Make it Fun. Billy also added that it is important to set clear expectations, make sure they are understood, and track the outcomes. So get your team together and make sure they understand their purpose and are enjoying what they are doing.

From George Everly, Ph.D., author and professor of psychiatry at Loyola University and Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, we learned that; “A leader is not a leader if no one is following him or her” and, “A leader is responsible for creating and sustaining a culture that successfully supports the tasks that achieve the vision”. George explained that resilient leadership is leadership that takes responsibility for its actions and hires those kinds of people. Finally, George reminded us that, “Those who lead inspire us”. Have you inspired anyone lately?

Jack Welch, former GE CEO reminded us to hire the best and make them accountable. Take a look at your team, do you have the best working with you?

Now, watch this video on leadership from Simon Sinek. It is one of the most lucid explanations of leadership you will ever see and is well worth all 18 minutes of your time.