Now, More Than Ever, Is Trust the Basis for Growing a Business?

More and more, B to B business owners are saying that they have never been busier generating proposals and never have they had to wait longer for decisions. Real economic experts will have to decide if this is a sign of an economy emerging from one of the worst recessions since the Great Depression. Whether it is or not, the activity-and the frustrating waiting is there. Can you imagine a time when trust between people was not important in doing business with each other? Can you imagine a time when it was any more important than it is right now?

The good news about trust is that it can sustain a relationship over long periods of time, in good times and in bad. The bad news is that it takes a long time to establish it and it can be very fragile. So, a large part of the sustainability of the relationship is maintaining the trust-doing the little things that are the foundation of it-clear communications, keeping your word, doing the right things even when they can be less desirable in the short run.

So, what are you and your customer contact people doing to engender the trust that your customers and prospects need to feel to go ahead with the decisions you are asking them to make? How many of your proposals are stuck because of the fact that those customers and prospects are gun-gun shy about making a decision in these times and need a trust boost? What will they need from you in addition to all the features and benefits you are offering to go ahead? And, how will you adjust your expectations to account for the increased time it takes to build trust?