Moving From a Large Company Job To A Small Company Job Or Self-Employment Is a Big Step- A Message to Employees

The recent economic uncertainty has changed the work landscape. Many experts believe the changes are permanent. The realities of life are telling a substantial number of former big company jobholders that big company jobs just are not there. So, people are seeking positions with smaller companies or starting their own businesses. Gone are the perks of a company car, IT support, marketing support, benefits, etc. Long workweeks may still be present but much of that time is present learning new skills to replace the support enjoyed before. So what should these job seekers do? First-get advice from anyone you know who has made the transition? What went right? What would they do better if they did it over? Best, look at your resume-do you have any entrepreneurial experience at all-a lawn cutting business, managing a store? Make sure you potential smaller company employers know how you worked in that environment and what successes you had. If you are starting a business, ask people who have started one that is working out. What would they advise in terms of what they did that worked and what didn’t. Find out what your strengths are and think through what you love to do. Then find a way to monetize it. Look for resources that provide support and advice to start-ups. And by all means, if you have a family, get their support in what you are going to do. A changing work environment changes the family environment, also. Finally, take your time and find the right thing for you. The more you think this through, the better it will work and the longer it will last.