Moving From A Large Company Job To A Small Company Is A Big Step- A Message to Employers

This blog has cited the fact many times that the work landscape has changed dramatically in our country. More and more, what employment opportunities that are being created are happening in smaller companies, not large ones. At the same time, the market has large number of former big-company employees-good employees-that are looking for work. You can hear stories about owners porting for a job and getting 200-300 resumes. A high percentage of the resumes are often actually qualified for the job. The task for the employer is to find the best person for the job who can make the adjustment to a smaller company and will not run off to a larger one at the first opportunity. Employers must do all of the things they normally do to find good people-detailed lists of attributes they are looking for in candidates such as relevant skills and experience and resonance with company values. In addition, they should also look for anyone who has had any entrepreneurial experience-outside or inside a large company. Finally, they should seek candidates who can hook into the vision of the firm and want to grow with it and stay. As the saying goes, hire slow and fire fast. Finding the right person takes time. Keeping the wrong person should not.