Marshaling the Right Resources

The oft-quoted Chinese proverb, “May you live interesting times,” was never truer than today. High unemployment, low interest rates, up and down stock market, increasing taxes, bargain basement real estate, oil spills, really hot weather, etc. But we have to resist getting caught up in the global stuff, as interesting, disturbing and infuriating as it may be and focus on what do your immediate circumstances really mean to you. More importantly, what opportunities are being created by all these conflicting signals for your business to grow while others are not? Maybe you do not have to accept that “flat is the new normal.” If you don’t accept that, what are you doing? Have you stepped up customer contact? What patterns do you see in the ways they are being affected and how you can help them? While your competitors stop marketing, are you keeping on keeping on? Can you shift your emphasis from just looking for transactions to going after relationships and the resulting recurring revenue? (More on this topic next week.) Let others play being the victim of their circumstances. There is nothing so liberating as taking control of your own circumstances and making something positive out of them.