Is That New Idea You Have Just an Incremental Change or a Game Changer?

Let’s say you have an idea for a new service or product to offer the markets you serve. Let’s also say that the idea springs from doing something better than what a competitor is doing. This is good normal strategizing for any business and you need not think that it represents any more of an opportunity than one-upping that nettlesome company that just plain bugs you. You are not altering your market focus. You are not taking a chance on something completely outside your areas of competence. And you are staying true to your core values and your Vision for your business. But, might that new product or service represent an opportunity to change the game?

Think back to what life was like before the iPhone. Most of us had simple cell phones that allowed us to make and receive calls, take pictures, send texts. Then the iPhone and then the Androids and other smart phones came along and the game got changed, big time. All of a sudden, we were carrying around small computers that handled calls, texts and took pictures and then did so many more things we all wonder what in the world we did before we got them. There are now millions of apps that these devices can operate that can simplify or complicate our lives. The impact on our lives and the creation of jobs by this game change is extraordinary.

Someone once said that real innovation rarely occurs from entities and people that have substantial financial and emotional investment in things as they are. So check your core values. Remember the Vision you have for yourself and your business and at least spend a little time considering whether that new service or product idea could be a game changer. If not, it’s OK. If so, great. We are all rooting for you either way.