If You are Retooling the Business, Retool the Staff

More and more economists are saying that the recession is either over or in retreat. Experts advise that this is the time to retool the business: learning how your markets have changed, adopting new productivity tools and technologies, thinking about your location and the space you need and much more. But, it is also time to retool the staff. How has the changing economy affected the jobs your people do, the skills they should have and the resources they need to succeed in their work? Is everyone in the right job,working to their strengths? Start with a context for your retooling: a 1-2 year strategic plan and a more detailed business plan for the coming year. Then analyze the jobs that need to be done and the people filling them to ensure that people and jobs are matched up properly. There are many resources you can turn to for help in staff retooling and here are two excellent ones: If you can make this approach a long term one, you will always keep your organization in tune with where it has to be now and in the future.