“I Never Told You What I Wanted, But That’s Not It”

Have you ever been in this situation: asked to do something with little direction and almost no expectations set for the effort? When you try to deliver the results, you get some variant of, “I never told you but I wanted, but what you did is not it.” How many times does this happen in your business? How many times do you make a request and then not set the expectation of detailed, measureable results. Notice that I did not say, “ a detailed expectation of how it was to be done.” In previous blogs, you saw the exhortation to switch from owning the process to owning the results. Your people have to be given the freedom to find the best way to get something done. That best way may not be your way. But the greater detail you can use to frame your expectation of the results, the greater the likelihood those results will be achieved. So think back to all those times the headline of this blog has happened to you and how you felt about them. Would you wish those feelings on your employees?