Hug Those Monsters; They May Not Be As Bad As You Think

Do you ever run into as situation that is difficult, thorny, complex and just plain unpleasant? Are you satisfied with the crispness with which you deal with a situation like that? By crispness, I mean gathering the facts, considering options, getting input from others and then deciding what to do in a timely fashion. The reluctance felt by business owners in dealing with these “monsters” is widespread. The monsters include the bad employee whose poor performance brings all around him or her down, the large outstanding bill due from a good customer that is not being collected, a sea change in your market or industry, etc.

Good employees scratch their heads and wonder why the boss won”t do something about the bad one. Your bills are being paid slower than you like because cash flow is lousy. The change in the market and/or industry is one of the biggest monsters of all: change itself. And we all know we just love change, right?

Norm Stoehr who founded Inner Circle International, LTD back in the 1980s characterized what needed to be done in these situations as “Hugging the Monster.” Face it, deal with it, get it behind you. Monsters drain your energy and the energy of your company. How long to you want to put up with that just to avoid the confrontation? So hug it, resolve it and move on. Ask yourself what the outcome of any monster hugging experience you had in your past. How did you feel after you did the hugging and resolved the situation? More in control, relieved? So, pick a monster today, hug it and then boot it out the door. You will gain greater respect from your staff, cash flow could improve or you could wind up reinventing the company to successfully face new opportunities.