How Tired Are You Of The Cliché “Thinking Outside The Box?”

The crazy things about clichés are the truths from which they spring. SmartCEO Magazine had a luncheon yesterday on the topic of Innovation. The panelists were all people who have demonstrated out of the box thinking and then prospered. Last week’s blog urged you to think about processes rather than functions in your business-to take a fresh look at things for opportunities to have a better run business. How about taking a look at your products and services? Are there new uses or markets for them? Are there related products and service extensions that expand your customer relationships and repeat business? Do you need a new place of business? Are there trends in your industry-positive or disturbing-that present new opportunities? That’s the thing about living in “interesting times:” you have to embrace them and act accordingly to survive and prosper. Remember that we are descended from the people who were able to do that. The people who were not able, did not have children. So, draw your box and punch out the sides.