Here’s A Radical Idea: The Inverse Law of Effective Marketing

The recent Super Bowl continued the annual reminder that the era of mass communications is not over. Television came of age when marketing and advertising was driven by reaching out to as many people as possible in the hopes that the right ones (assuming that the right ones had been identified) would respond. When new forms of communicating like sophisticated direct mail came along, strategists began to get serious about scaling down the number of messages to reach as many of the right people as possible. The web has brought new tools like Google to raise the bar much higher in focusing on the correct audiences. One of the most powerful weapons brought by the Web is the ability to tailor your message so that the right people find you.

So what are we learning? We are learning from an inverse law of marketing-the fewer people you talk to-as long as they are the right people-the greater the results. For people raised in a mass communications culture this seems crazy. But, try it. Figure how many clients you need to reach your goals, learn about the best, focused way or ways to each them and go get them. Let your competitors spend huge sums and you spend the smart money.