Good Info on How to Use Social Networking

Say what you will, but Social Networking on the web has moved beyond just the social part your kids spend time on to becoming a business growth tool.

There are three members of Inner Circle Mid-Atlantic who are making names for themselves as experts in using the phenomenon of social networking to help grow a business. They have each put together workshops to help the rest of learn how to use these new tools. Below you will find information on each program and a link you can use to register to attend them.

Program #1 by Global Results, Inc. Kathleen Dorsey, President

Oct 29th – morning- at ITT
Technical Institute: call Reisterstown Owings MIlls Glyndon Chamber of Commerce at 410-702-7073 for more details, –
LinkedIn for Business Training– Finally learn how to use your LinkedIn
account correctly. What you will learn:

How to optimize your profile to gain the most attention
How to find relevant connections- even if you don’t know who they are yet
How to find relevant LinkedIn groups to join and how to maximize your time
with them
How to answer industry specific questions throughout the LinkedIn network
How to ask the right question to gain the most exposure
How to use the built in applications to link your blog and twitter
accounts with this account
How to stay in front of your connections without being annoying
The etiquette of Social media
Once you make new connections- what to do with them
And of course- find your college roommate!

All taught by the CEO of the company- business talk- not tech talk.

Program #2 by Vision Multimedia Technologies, LLC-Brian Razzaque and Anne Sigman, Partners

The program runs from 11:00am to 1:00pm , Wednesday, September 30 at the Loyola University Graduate Center in Timonium and lunch is included in the registration fee.

The link to register is:

A brief description of topics to be discussed include:

  • Theory behind Social Networking – how it is relevant to businesses.
  • Introduction to the major sites – how to setup an account on the big sites and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Recipe for Success – step-by-step guidelines on how these networks can be leveraged to generate leads and new business.