Further Thoughts On Systems Thinking

In previous blogs, I have quoted Brian Razzaque, CEO of Social Toaster who has often said that “every dysfunction in a business is the result of the lack of a system.” In a recent conversation with Jule Marcantoni, head of Marcfam Services, Inc., a business process and logistics consulting business, we moved up a level and decided that every business as a whole is a system, imperfect though some may be. As a successful system, the business must have all of its parts aligned with the goals of the enterprise and keep it that way. No part is more or less important than the others. All parts must work together in ways that:

  • Consistently meet internal and external objectives
  • Continuously improve processes and performance
  • Enable the company to recognize and embrace change
  • Support the growth and scalability of the company
  • Sustain the culture of the company that made it successful in the first place.

Is your business functioning as a whole system?