Frustrated by slow decisions?

For the past three months, nearly every Inner Circle meeting has contained a discussion on a situation encountered by many who say, ” I have never been so busy presenting proposals to prospects and I have never waited so long for them to make decisions..”  Sound familiar? Right now, companies want to do things but are hesitant to go ahead with them “due to the economy.” Many businesses are facing two roadblocks to progress: their own over-generalization of how the economic conditions are really affecting their firm and their reluctance to calculate the cost of inaction-lost market share, continued inefficiencies and poor revenue and profit growth.

So, remembering the sales person’s # 1 rule-asking good questions-here are some questions to ask those prospects that are stuck in neutral:

1. How are the current economic conditions where you do business really affecting your company?

2. What opportunities are bring created for you by those conditions?

3. What are your competitors doing? What is the same and what is different?

4. What advantages could you gain by installing  (the widget or the service) we have proposed?

5. How quickly could you gain them?

6. What would you lose by not installing them?