Find A Need And Fill It. The Basic Building Blocks Of Marketing.

There are still echoes out there of the reaction to the death of Steve Jobs last year. Apple has another triumph on their hands with the rush to buy iPad3s. But thinking back on what Jobs accomplished, especially during his second tour at the head of Apple (Now the world’s largest corporation?) you keep running into one simple lesson: find a need an fill it. Apple has a history of finding needs people have-ones they did not even know they had-and filling them. We could argue all day and night about the societal implications those needs filled-but connectedness, portability of and access to our information and the further fuzzing of the lines between work and play are right here in front of us. Apple is by no means the first organization-for-profit or non-profit-to find needs and fill them. After World War II, people were not demanding power brakes and power steering in their cars. But including them in cars propelled sales of automobiles to unimagined heights and the two-car family was born. The Susan Komen Foundation has become the driving force in awareness of and research into breast cancer by tapping into the hearts and minds of this terrible disease’s victims, families and friends. So, whether the economy is treating you well or not, what needs can you find and fill to propel your business to unimagined heights?