Excellent Customer Service Is Not Only A Nice Thing To Provide, It Can Make Your Business Outperform Its Competition

I cannot stop writing about the importance of providing excellent customer service. And, are we not all in the situation of providing service to customers, whether they are internal or external?  I have always been amazed at businesses that do not act in ways consistent with providing excellent service. Companies that make a product are no different than service companies. Business growth results from creating positive experiences for the people who write checks to us. Positive experiences can even result from a negative experience if you are really, really good at fixing the problem promptly to the customer’s satisfaction. Go on, click on Books and search The Experience Economy. You will find a list of excellent books on how to establish and sustain positive customer experiences. But there is ample evidence that superior service is not just a good idea, it generates higher profits in direct proportion to higher customer satisfaction ratings. Not convinced? Then go to this link and study the results of actual, ongoing research that proves the fact over and over again. One very good additional thing about this fact is that it can become a strategy available to every single business regardless of size or industry. Go differentiate your business this way and prosper.