Escape The “I Can’t Pull The Trigger” Trap

A recurring discussion topic in recent business owner meetings is dealing with the frustration of prospects who want proposals but just can”t seem to “pull the trigger” and decide whether to go ahead with the product or service or not. Sales consultants-with good reason-would say that many if not most of these people have not been made to see the connection between what is being offered and the real solutions they seek. But that does not apply to all.

And there is a wider set of circumstances that lack needed trigger-pulling: dealing with problem employees, collecting from slow paying customers, adjusting to changes in markets, etc. In fact, some of the people who are frustrated by slow-deciding prospects are also frustrated by their own slowness in making their own decisions. The only way out is to do something mentioned before in this space: hug the monster and deal with it. Think about other times in your life when you have finally resolved something you were avoiding resolving and how relieved you felt when you finally resolved it(and how less disastrous the feared outcomes were.)

The one strategy that could help in both the slow deciding prospect and your own trigger-pulling avoidance is to visualize what things would be like if the decision were already made. Be as detailed as you can in your visualization. Make a list and review it carefully. Then ask yourself if all those things are worth dealing with what stands in the way of realizing them now rather than later.