Enterprising Women Get In The Game

On August 6, I attended the annual Enterprising Women breakfast hosted by the Baltimore Business Journal. The theme of the event was “Get in the Game.” Attended by what must have been 300+ primarily women executives and business owners, the event was a celebration of the success women have achieved in the area business community over the past decade. The event also acknowledged that there is still progress to be realized in women rising to the top in companies and to the boardroom. I was struck by the passion, enthusiasm and positive outlook of the women on the panel and throughout the room. I also took it as a measure of progress that the advice the panelists gave applies to everyone-female and male-who aspires to succeed in a company or in their own business, or in any endeavor, for that matter.

The panelists-all of whom are squarely in the game-were Casey Baynes, Executive Director of the Casey Cares Foundation and a veteran of her family’s logistics business, Sheela Murthy, CEO of the Murthy Law Firm, a leading national immigration law practice, Beverly Williams, founder of a successful printing and office supplies company and Ellen Yankellow, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Correct RX Pharmacy Services, Inc., a leading national provider of pharmacy services to the institutional and senior care markets. Here is a sampling of the advice they gave attendees:

– Believe In Yourself. As Henry Ford said, “Think you can, think you can-t, either way you are right.” These four women are examples of people believed they could succeed and they kept their faith in that belief.

– Persevere. Do not be discouraged by setbacks and downturns.

– Set Clear Expectations. For your self and your people and measure the results.

– Run your business like a publicly-traded company.

– Balance. Find a way to balance family and work.

– Establish Financial Responsibility in your business: manage it professionally and have the business live within its means.

– Establish And Maintain good relationships with sources of capital and financing. Use you lines of credit and pay them back.

– Feminine Attributes like caring and other-centeredness are good business attributes.

– Be educated. Stay on top of what is going on in your markets and your industry.

– Be Compliant But Flexible in your employment practices.

– Do what you love!