Embrace Conflict And Resolve It. Don’t Ignore It And Hope It Goes Away, Part III

This is the third post in a four part series: Embrace Conflict And Resolve It.  Don’t Ignore It And Hope It Goes Away. Part I can be found here and Part II can be found here.  Come back next week to read the fourth and final post in the series. 

If you ever have a chance to hear a talk by Rod Hairston, Chaplain for the Baltimore Ravens, attend it. He has tremendous insights into people and how to see that they rise to their potential on a sports team, on any team. I had the privilege of hearing his presentation on dealing with conflict in organizations and I am passing along to you some of the wisdom he gave to the 207 CEOs and business owners who attended a workshop at PSA Financial in Hunt Valley, MD on July 31, 2012. All of the PSA events are worthwhile. This was one of the best.

9.    Be receptive for truth and the facts. Sometimes they may not be things you want to hear, but need to hear.

10.  There are three types of people in every organization:

a.    Wise: Teachable. Realize they have things to learn.

b.    Foolish: Not responsible for their actions-its’ never their fault. They need boundaries

c.     Evil: Want to bring somebody down-boot them.

11. Be clear about the offense. Keep asking “What do you really mean by that?” until you get a firm definition of the real problem.

12. Ask three questions to help define the problem:

a.    What was the situation?

b.    What was you behavior?

c.     What was the impact of that behavior?