Do You Take Your Own Advice / Use Your Own Products ?

We have all heard of “The Shoemaker’s Child” syndrome: the story from which the reference comes tells of a town many years ago where everyone had shoes except the children of the town’s only shoemaker.

If you are in the services business, does your business use the services your company provides? Does it follow the advice that you give your clients? Of course there are situations where the advice and services may not be practical or relevant.

What if you make tangible things? If possible, are they in use in your company? Or, do your employees buy and use them. We all bristle when someone tells us to do something that they do not do themselves. Why would you want to be found out not using your services or products?

In fact, being a fan of what you provide to others can be compelling and even contagious. Telling stories about successful use of services and products helps to sell them. There is no reason why some of the stories can’t be about your company or its people. Social Toaster- ( a service that, among other tasks, enables company employees to post “fan mail” about their company and what it offers to their own social media networks-is used by companies who want to enlist staffers and other fans in spreading the good word.

This is an example of actively fighting the Shoemaker’s Child Syndrome.