Did Everyone in Cleveland Go To Good Customer Service School?

My two associates and I travelled to Cleveland, OH this past weekend for a meeting with other Inner Circle franchisees and our franchisor, Inner Circle International, LTD. All three of us had the usual flight glitches (albeit handled well by Southwest Airlines) so we arrived late and just a tad grumpy. We were struck immediately by the exceptional customer service we received as soon as we got off the plane: the rental car shuttle bus driver was personable, efficient and very nice, He made sure everyone’s luggage was aboard and stowed properly.

The Alamo Rent-a-Car employee treated us very well just after dealing with an extremely difficult and nearly abusive customer. The employees at the Marriott Hotel where we stayed were way above expectations in their service: the bartender who offered us a dinner menu but was gracious in recommending a nearby restaurant for us to try for dinner instead and the maintenance guy who made sure as I rode down to the lobby in the elevator that my stay was a good one. We all had the impression that the hotel employees, no matter what their position, had the authority and the confidence to act in the moment and take care of customer questions and issues.

OK, so I am a bug on customer service. And, I believe when people deliver good service the people receiving that service should praise them and tell others. I have told about 14 people these stories and maybe more who come across this blog. So, I ask you business owners out there, is your company providing the kind of good customer service that your customers praise to others?

The University of Michigan Center for Consumer research has hard data that show that companies whose customer service is rated higher than others in their industry are the more profitable companies.