Decide What You Can Control and Take Control

One of the basic building blocks of a decent business life is the ability to control as much of your circumstances as you can. The problem is deciding what you are able to control and what you cannot. Once you figure out what you can control then you have to take action. Victimhood is not a characteristic of successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Those of you in the successful group have taken the hands that you have been dealt, decided what part of those hands you can deal with and you dealt with them. You have accomplished your achievements despite bad economic times, naysayers, those fears in the pit of your stomachs and the loud whine of conventional wisdom. If you were able to ask these people how they felt after taking control of an idea and succeeding with it in the face of obstacles, they would probably say, “exhilarated.”

One key element of taking control is to break down the obstacles you face into smaller parts and then analyzing each part to see which ones are resolvable and which ones are not. The resolvable parts may indicate a path through or around the obstacle. So the basic steps of taking control of your circumstances are:

  • Clarify and define the problem
  • Decide if you want to resolve it
  • Drill down into it to see what parts are resolvable
  • Decide if there are enough resolvable parts to create an overall solution
  • Assume leadership of the resolution process and get it done

If you analyze many successful ventures and projects, you will find multiple iterations of this process led by people who wanted to control circumstances and believed it could be done while others stood by saying it could not be done.