Congratulations Graduates! Consider Creating Your Own Job By Starting A Business. Part III: Talk To People!

If you already have an idea for a business, talk with people you trust about your idea. Get their suggestions and feedback. Work on a business plan and ask experienced business people to review and critique it. If your idea fits into an exciting industry, talk with the trade association. Go to their convention and see what others are doing, well and poorly. Read their journals and newsletters. Look for ways to make your idea different in ways that are important to the people you want as customers. Of course, you will need to ask them what they want that is different from what they are getting.

If you don’t already have an idea for a business, talk with someone like Dave Buck at The Entrepreneur’s Source whose role it is to help people find if there is a business with the right fit for them.

When you have your business plan, join a peer group with other business owners-one that has regular meetings led by an experienced facilitator. These meetings are a chance to step away from the daily work and share ideas, experiences and advice with others who are building and growing a business. The central point is to start learning and keep learning by talking with others.