Congratulations Graduates! Consider Creating Your Own Job By Starting A Business. Part II: Watch The Why And Do Some Reading.

Now that you have your Vision in place, it is time to do some reading. But first, go to (and bookmark this site because it has excellent content developed by thought leaders) and watch this video by marketing consultant Simon Sinek called The WHY… It is one of the most powerful ideas you can ever adopt to guide your marketing efforts.  Watch the video a couple of times and then write down your WHY, HOW WHAT and keep it in front of you. Now to the reading.

Start with The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber. Among the hundreds of business owners I have talked with over the years, this book is by far the favorite and the most referred to. It provides practical advice for learning the stages a business goes through and the adaptations the owner has to make to move the business to the next stage. Next, read two landmark books by Jim Collins: Good to Great and Great by Choice. What he has discovered in his exhaustive research is a set of principles that any business can apply. Brian Myrick of Interversant has suggested Small Town Rules. Practical Lessons For Small Businesses To Do Big Things which talks about the impact of small companies on communities (Mandy, I have lost his e-mail on this.) Recently Kendall Ryan posted a link to the Start-up Newsletter on Facebook. Finally, pardon the shameless plug, but try Running Your Own Company: An Entrepreneur’s Field Manual.  This is a compilation of best practices put forth by owners of small and medium sized companies meeting in groups to advise each other.