Congratualtions Graduates! Consider Creating Your Own Job By Starting A Business. Part IV: Take Advantage Of The Technology You Have Learned To Be Productive.

Your generation comes to the job market with the greatest level of sophistication in using the direct access everyone has to technology for personal productivity. In fact the technology is partly responsible for the job market being what it is. Technology has eliminated a lot of middle management jobs that used to be filled with people processing and disseminating information. Now, fewer people can process much more information themselves. It was not very long ago that the computer power that resides in your smartphone was found in big metal boxes in rooms with robust temperature and humidity controls. Now, many of us work anywhere-at home, at an office, at a coffee shop, in an airplane, etc. If you are going to start and build a business, start from day one using the right technology within an overall philosophy of systems(computer and manual) thinking. Start with your customers and work backwards into your business and connect all the tasks that generate revenue and customer satisfaction. Make information available to the people who need to use it to get their jobs done with correct decisions. In fact, the more your people know about the processes and how they are doing operating them, the better they will do. For the generation that prizes work/life balance so highly, use personal productivity to achieve that balance.