Congratualtions Graduates! Consider Creating Your Own Job By Starting A Business. Part I: Find A Need And Fill It.

I cannot remember a stranger time for higher education graduates in terms of finding jobs. We are all in the midst of a perfect storm of a bad economy coupled with the impact of aging baby boomers who find they cannot retire further complicated by the rapid advance of technology obviating the need for many white collar jobs. Unemployment statistics remain high even in the face of increasing numbers of people who gave stopped looking for work. If you believe that times of turmoil can also be times of great opportunity, then take heart, for surely these are times of turmoil. And if a basic building block of a successful business is the ability to find a need and then fill it, think hard and find a need. That need could be something new and never heard of like smart phones and Facebook. Or it could be taking something already in existence like wicking cloth, applying its use it to the design of athletic wear and then executing a pre-emptive strike on the market like UnderArmour. Of course, not everyone can or needs to reach the heights of Apple, Facebook and UnderArmour. You just need to have a vision of what your idea will become and then build a good plan to make it a reality. If you want to know how to develop a vision, click here. Complete this exercise and you are on your way. One more thing: there are really two types of entrepreneurs-people who start with an idea and build a business from scratch; and people who take something already in existence and make it better and/or bigger. Think about which of those types you are.