Capitalism And Social Good Are Not Mutually Exclusive

One of the most disturbing aspects of recent political campaigns is the railing against business and the attempts to portray capitalism as greedy and damaging to social good. There are bad players in every system; crooks, sociopaths and people who are just plain greedy. Capitalism is not immune to them. But for every Enron, there are millions of companies who provide employees with a living and customers with filled needs.

For example, ask a small business owner how many children he or she has. Let’s say 2. How many employees the business has? Let’s say 25 and they have an average of 1.5 kids each for a total of 37.

And how many customers they have? Let’s say 300.

So, that business has a positive effect on 350+ people which sounds like a pretty good social contract.

Throw in community service programs, contributions and sponsorships and the positive ripples through the community multiply. That’s a macro view. How about an example from a city in Central Delaware that marries the work of a for-profit financial institution with the program of a well known not for profit:

Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity is doing a tremendous job of helping well deserving families secure a better home, better conditions for their kids to grow up in, as well as improving the community. The Kent County DE affiliate has limited resources, as do many organizations. For 2011, Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity is planning to provide 5 families with the opportunity to own a home. Central Delaware Habitat received 30 applications, however they do not have the resources to meet the need for affordable housing.

The Dover DE branch of Home Savings of America has started working with Central Delaware Habitat to extend the resources of this chapter. The community bankers working in the Dover branch have a diversity of skills ranging from insurance, financial planning, real estate and personal development. The members of the team lead by Kevin Phillipson, the branch manager, are working to donate their resources to help the families in their community. They are going to be providing credit clean up and education, personal financial planning, mortgage readiness and real estate services. HSOA of Dover will be providing no lender fee loans to the applicants. You can contact Kevin for more information

Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity has been serving the Kent County community for 20 years and has built 21 homes housing 95 people. HSOA has been serving its communities around the country for over 75 years, and now will join Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity to serve the Kent County community.