BYOD? What Are Your Policies?

In a recent business owner meeting, someone asked the group what their policies were for letting employees connect their computers, tablets and smart phones to the company network and do work. The question generated some stunned looks around the table. Many people had policies on using company devices for personal tasks including webs surfing, playing games, etc. Some had monitoring software installed on the company servers that alerted management of misuse of company devices and networks. But almost no one had any policy governing “BYOD”- bringing your own device and connecting it to the network for any reason including work. One thorny issue raised in the discussion was the storage of company data on personal devices. Everyone agreed to do something in their own situations including looking at what was going on and comparing it to what should go on to properly manage security and workflow. They also agreed that advice on this topic should come from several sources-IT, Risk Management, Compliance and Accounting. For us in small business that means we should talk with our technology guru, our business insurance agent, our attorney and our accountant.