Business Phrases To Keep In Mind, Part IV

“ Do for yourself what you do for your clients-take your own advice.” 

You are probably familiar with the phrase, “Everyone has shoes, except the shoemaker’s children.” The meaning is that the shoemaker is so busy filling orders for shoes, that he never gets to finish the ones for his own family. The modern business is selling products and services to your customers that you do not use yourself. In some cases, using your own products and services may be impractical or irrelevant. But how powerful are the stories you can tell you customers and prospects about how you have benefited from what you are offering them. How off-putting is it to ask a sales person how they like their product or service and then be told that they don’t or they avoid the question? There are other advantages to being your own customer: the knowledge that you can only get by using the product or service; the opportunities to spot potential improvements in those products and services and the confidence to look people in the eye and be validated by taking your own advice. So, the next time someone is saying to you, “Do as I say, not as I do,” give them and what they sell a wide berth.