Business Phrases to Keep In Mind, Part I

“Every vacuum in communications is filled with negative assumptions.”

Think about every time you have sent an e-mail or left a voice mail or have sent a letter and you get no response. How many times have you made a positive assumption about the lack of response? Even if you are worried that something has happened to the person you communicated to, the assumption is not positive.

Think about your business: how many outbound communications are not responded to? Worse, how may inbound communications are not responded to by your company? In either case, if the response is negative, that is at least better than nothing. A negative response to you gives you something you can go on, to learn from or to turn around. A polite negative response from your company shows respect and by chance may leave a positive impression.

Before the advent of Social Media, the rule of thumb was “do something good, and people will tell 5 people. Do something bad, and they will tell ten.” Today, when you do something bad, like creating a vacuum in communications, people can tell thousands with the click of a mouse. Think about the times you felt respected when people got back to you promptly, regardless of the response. Now, make sure your company is creating those feelings every day with their vacuum elimination strategies.