Business Partnership Parallels With The Rest of Life

The subject of dealing with partners in the business comes up often in the business owner meetings I facilitate. There are patterns that emerge in these discussions that parallel other parts of life. Good partnerships and marriages exhibit a shared vision for things-where the business and where life should go. They also share open communications-the willingness to bring things up, (the good and the bad) and deal with and resolve them. Further they share the understanding of their personal differences and how they can complement one another for the good of the relationship. (This can get very difficult to accomplish sometimes in the heat of a given moment of disagreement.) A related point here is the acceptance that partners bring significant value to the relationship regardless of how different what they bring happens to be. In earlier blogs, we have talked about running an organization requires the balancing the power of all the functions of a business. This can also apply to any kind of partnership. And, all partners must have “skin in the game.” In business partnerships, letting people in as partners without them investing any assets in it can lead to extreme difficulties as time goes by and success increases. I will let you draw your own conclusions as to the parallels between this point and a life partnership.