Being Commoditized Stinks. Fight Back.

In a recent meeting with business owners, one reported the frustration resulting from losing a deal purely on price.  Being treated as a commodity is no fun, especially when you have worked hard to differentiate your business by providing value that the low balling winner does not and probably cannot. What can you do to fight back besides getting better at qualifying prospects? We’ve talked before about probing for how decisions get made at the prospects company-by whom, on what criteria, in what time frame. Another discovery should about what does the prospect value in a service or product supplier you. If they have no experience in buying what you provide and they emphasize price as the main criteria then they may not be a prospect at all, or as Jim Martin of Ultimate Selling Solutions would say, you have some real work to do in helping the prospect see the value of how you are different in how you satisfy your customers’ wants and needs. Look at your best customers-the ones who value what you do and how you deliver it. Focus on the ones that do not commoditize you, analyze their attributes and how you got them and make customers like them your target market.