Be Married To Your Spouse But Engaged In Your Business

This blog results from the interaction of two issues that come up in business owner meetings-the desire for more work/life balance and the fear of being too much away from the business. If you research the history of work, it has only been in the last 100 years or so that work for most people has been done at some distance away from home. When the country was primarily agricultural, families lived and worked together on their farms and ranches. As cities grew, families lived upstairs from their shops and restaurants

As family separations grew through the 20th century more and more people spent substantial time away from home. Perhaps many people today look for more balance in their lives because they grew up in a household that did not have much. So, as more and more business owners seek deeper involvement in their families” lives, “who is minding the store?”

No life can be perfect. No work and life can be perfectly balanced. But here are a couple of ideas other business owners have put forth to attack the imbalance. First, seek a balance over an extended period of time-a month or a quarter. Some out of balance weeks can”t be helped either way. Maybe you can”t make every kid”s game or school play. But, you can ask yourself these questions: what and who do I need to put in place so that I can achieve better balance-time with the family and the proper conduct of the business. And, what tradeoffs am I willing to make in investing in the resources and people that have to be in place to hit my balance targets over time?