Are You Stuck? Try Drilling Down Into the Problem With More Questions…

Ever hear two people have an argument over something that never seems to get anywhere near a resolution? They just keep saying the same vague things to each other-things that are often emotionally charged but not solvable. When business owners get stuck at a transition, they seem to encounter the same problem. They are faced with really tough decisions like hiring people before the revenue is there to support them or buying equipment that they had no budget for yet or moving to larger quarters, some of which will be empty for a while.

They are wrestling with the idea behind each decision and not the facts or at least realistic projected details that would be generated by the decisions. You may hear them say, “I have to bring in another sales person, but I can’t afford it.” So there they stop-no further investigation, no projections, just stuck.

So here are some thoughts from business owners who have successfully gotten unstuck by drilling down into the problem and asking a lot of questions. Using the need to hire a sales person as an example: How much do I have to pay the sales person? What will that cost me a month? How many months will it take before they are paying for themselves and then generating a profit? How much money would I need to find or borrow to pay for that? Is that amount smaller than I thought? Many problems can be solved this way. You just have to develop the will to keep going past the high level of detail and drill down with good questions. And, who knows, the technique may even solve the age–old problem of where are you and your family going to eat dinner the next time you go out.