Are You Connecting Your Dots?

I often quote Brian Razzaque, Founder of VMT,LLC ( who says, “Every dysfunction in an organization is the result of the lack of a system.” You may want dismiss such a phrase from a technology exec just as a justification for more investment in technology.

But, that would be an oversimplification of what he means by “a system.” Sure we think of systems as computer applications that perform many functions in our organizations. We often think of these systems in terms of the narrowly-defined functions they are designed to perform-accounting, sales analysis, website, e-mail, etc.


These “dots” are in our companies, but, if they are not connected in some way to perform a function larger than what is narrowly defined, do they represent a real system? What if you changed your view of what your company does to a more horizontal approach-order fulfillment, for example.

What are all the “dots” involved in that total system? Marketing and Promotion, sales, manufacturing or service design, assembly, packaging, delivery, invoicing, customer service (how many have I left out?) Now, here”s the question-how many of these dots are connected-truly integrated so that information flows smoothly and unduplicated-computer-based or not. Does every department along the chain have the information and support they need to do their part of the overall job of satisfying the customer?

If not, what would the impact be on the company be if they did in terms of increased customer satisfaction, market share, revenue and cost management? So, here is today”s challenge: look at your organization. Pick a customer satisfaction-driven function/system and get your people working on connecting the dots and making it better than what your competitors do.