Another Way to Boost The Economy: Support Your Local Artisans

In a recent blog I urged everyone to boost the economy by creating value. A week ago I had the pleasure of meeting with someone who is another example of how we all can boost our local economies: seek out local artisans who are making things you want and need, assess the quality of what they create and sell and buy from them. These are people who are following their muse, turning a passion into livelihood or simply generating their own job. They are out there on their own creating value in the harsh reality of a free market. Ronda Goldman is the third generation in a family that has learned to care for themselves by creating and using natural products. She has turned the passion for skin care that she shares with her grandmother and mother into a business that is gaining traction. Check out her website . Go to farmers’ markets, village festivals and craft outlets and pore over the offerings of other artisans. Be amazed at the quality of their work and the diversity of what they have to offer. Prehaps these folks may never make the local business page, but they ARE creating value. Remember, value ripples through our economy and benefits us all.