Another Big Storm, Another Chance to Assess Your Company’s Preparedness

With all the warning we have had in our area of the country about Hurricane Sandy and the other factors coming together to make this a potential perfect storm, it gives us all a chance to assess how we have used the lessons learned from blizzards and this summer’s derecho storm. The highest priority is the safety of our families, our employees and our customers. Some organizations have no choice but to stay open providing emergency and humanitarian services. But the rest of us can stay available to our customers through whatever technology that works through the storm and the communications we can send to them to create their knowledge of what to expect from us during this kind of event and after it passes. Remember that every vacuum in communications is filled with negative assumptions, so don’t let your customers and employees assume the worst.

And, after the storm passes and things get back to some semblance of normal, it would be a good idea for you to talk with your commercial insurance broker about an updated risk assessment for your business. Have him or her look at your physical facility as well as your product and service processes to make sure your coverage is adequate. You cannot plan for every eventuality. But you can plan for how you will mobilize to react to them. Think about all the possible threats, assess the likelihood of each and then make sound business decisions about the strategies for protecting people and property in each instance.