Accountability Is The Main Engine of Accomplishment

Many people go into their own business to avoid the accountability that comes from being an employee. They chafe at being watched over and micromanaged. (Who doesn’t?) They long for the freedom that comes from being your own boss and doing things their way. (OK, you business owners and self-employed can stop chuckling now at the reference to the freedom of being at the top or self-employed!) Think back on all the things you have accomplished in your life and try to remember any of those accomplishments that did not involve being accountable to someone or something besides yourself. Was it a parent, a teacher, a coach, a drill sergeant, a spouse, a goal you had since childhood, a friend or a customer? The point is we are goal oriented creatures. It is how we got here. It started with the goal of survival and has developed multiple levels since. Look up Maslow’s hierarchy. So, if you lead a business or a simply self employed, to whom are you accountable? Who cares enough about you to expect you to do what you say you want to do or have to do? How do you keep score on your accomplishments besides looking in the checkbook or reviewing your financial statements? Do you regularly keep your banker informed on how you are meeting your financial goals and loan covenants? If you have shareholders, what do you report to them? Do you meet regularly with other business owners and CEOs to share ideas and support each other? Accountability is the main engine of accomplishment. Keep that engine tuned.