A Message Sent is Not Necessarily a Message Received

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing, in fact, in all communications is to assume that just because you sent a message that it was received and understood. How many times has someone asked you about something, you reply that you were unaware of it and they become frustrated and say something like, “I sent you the e-mail last Friday!” or, how many times has the reverse happened to you? Experts in communications say you have to view the process as a circle, not as a straight line. You send a message, check to see if it has been received and makes sure it was understood in the way you meant it to be. This means making sure you used the right medium-for the receiver not necessarily for you; and you have made sure that the language and tone was appropriate to the message. It never hurts to get a second opinion on something you are sending out if the follow-up validation is not possible. Because, after all, the goal is not just to send a message, but also to communicate in a way that supports the end you have in mind.