A 21st Century Employment Trend: How To Create A Career Without A Full Time Job

The news on the job front these days is pretty grim. Some of the direst predictions are that many of the jobs that went away over the past two years will not be coming back. The rise of technology has eliminated the need for many middle management and staff jobs and employers have learned to do more with less people because they have had to. So, many people have taken the bull by the horns and have created a new career for themselves working as “free agents.” If they have special expertise, they have the opportunity to be outsourced, part-time experts working on a project or retainer basis. Here’s a link to an interesting article from a recent issue of Entrepreneur Magazine that lists some tips for getting started earning money without a “job.” My thanks go to Mandy Myrick of Interversant for finding the article.

Business owners out there should realize that there are some really good people out there who want to work this way and who can provide them special expertise when they need it.